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[Inspired by Insiya's post]

I don't 'want my MTV' as it plays such awful music most of the time (full of boy bands, Britney Spears and the relentless Paris Hilton nightmare) that I feel like smashing in my TV. So rather than waste money on buying another Television, I've decided to create my own video juke box (courtesy YouTube). This is just a small sample of what I listen to.

Hope you enjoy these videos/songs as much as I do because if you don't then there must be something wrong with you. ;)

NOTE: For those with a snail's pace internet access, please click PAUSE and wait for the video to download in full before you watch it. Broadband users, click play and enjoy. Just don't click on all videos at once. I don't know what will happen, but I think your computer might explode. Headphones are strongly recommended by the surgeon general of this post.


For those of you who are familiar with my photo blog, you can already guess that I listen to A LOT of David Gray because I quote him incessantly on that blog. Perhaps, this song (and video) will give you an idea why I like his music so much.

DAVID GRAY - Please forgive me

An impeccable song and fantastic video to boot. Make sure to watch the video till the end. There's a surprise ending.

A-HA - I wish I cared

This was the first music video released exclusively for the web (using vector graphics). Madonna and other artists followed this trend set by A-ha, but I believe this video still stands out as the best. Obviously, the song is brilliant.

A-HA - Lifelines

Another great song by A-ha with an amazing video. See the passing of a year in just 4 and half minutes.

TEXAS - Inner Smile

Love the song and the video (best Elvis impersonation in a music video). And if you want to know what the singer (Sharleen Spiteri) actually looks like, check out the next video in this list.


Love the song but love the video even more because of Sharleen. She is so damn beautiful (aaahhh!) it hurts ... but in a nice way. :)


Beautiful song and an equally beautiful video to match.

TANITA TIKARAM - I don't want to lose at love

Have followed her music since her debut single (Twist in my Sobriety). With a husky male voice and strange lyrics, you'd think that she wouldn't have much of a following but she does. I think she is brilliant and I absolutely love this song.

DEL AMITRI - Tell Her This

Lead singer Justin Currie is an extremely witty, intelligent and a foul-mouthed Scottish individual who writes some amazing lyrics and looks weird in most of the music videos he is in.


If you haven't heard of Depeche Mode then we have to remedy that fact with this video. Anyways, Love the song and the video because of its surreal CG animation work.


One of the best live performance videos out there (where? I don't know). Peter (the genius behind World Music) is performing here with the brilliant Youssou N'Dour.

KEANE - Crystal Ball

Relatively new band with refreshingly good music/melodies. This is a great video as well.

ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN - Lips like sugar

Ian McCulloch and the lads were a favourite during the 80s. Still sounds as interesting and catchy as it did then. The video epitomizes the late 80s alternative look, as does Ian's hairstyle.

THE BEAUTIFUL SOUTH - Song for whoever

A great band with a wicked sense of humour that shows up frequently in most of their lyrics. Check out the video.

RODDY FRAME - How men are (LIVE)

Another singer/songer from the land of the Scots, with a remarkable talent for poetic lyrics. This video is an oldy but a goody.

COLDPLAY - Speed of sound

Like their music, like this song and the video. Don't ask me why.

THE SUNDAYS - Wild Horses

My absolute favourite band (now disbanded). Harriet Wheeler's voice is angelic and Dave Gavurin's melodies are brilliant. This next video is their version of Stones song written by Jagger and Richards.

THE SUNDAYS - Here's where the story ends

The debut single by the Sundays. Still a favourite...

THE SUNDAYS - Summertime

From their last album. The lyrics are cheeky and amusing and Harriet looks so pretty and sounds so wonderful.

COCTEAU TWINS - Heaven or Las Vegas

Have enjoyed their music from my college days - still do. And for the uninitiated, don't try to figure out the lyrics, as they are purposely nonsensical. Elizabeth Frazer's voice was used like an instrument to compliment Robin Gutherie's guitar work. Great experimental music.

THE BLUE NILE - Headlights on the parade

An adult alternative Synth-pop band headed by Paul Buchanan, making incredibly intelligent music, which is probably why they do not have a massive following.
This song is from the Album Hats, and is an all time favourite.

Well that is all for this post. Working on another music post, so please send in your suggestions. I am still compiling my favourite Pakistani music videos/songs so if you know of any good source sites for that let me know.


Blogger Jaded said...

Okay! You just had to do this! The Music Launch of the Century and I can't stay glued to it 'coz I have exams... Life is so unfair! :)

6:55 PM  
Blogger Jaded said...

p.s. the smiley at the end be for you not for the life being unfair part... you probably got that... :)

6:56 PM  
Blogger Shahid said...

Lips Like Sugar - Echo and the bunneymen, one of my all time favourite songs. I saw them live a couple of years ago, they were still brilliant.

Oh - Del Amitri's Nothing Ever Happens, one of the most moving political songs on the nature of apathy I've ever heard. If you haven't already, you need to put that on auto-repeat now.

8:23 PM  
Blogger the olive ream said...

Shahid, Del's Nothing ever happens video is the one I highlighted on Insiya's post. I couldn't source the video of the song or a decent live version to post here but the hunt is certainly on!

8:27 PM  

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