Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Time to wake up people!

"Oil, Smoke and Mirrors" is an independent 50 minute documentary on what is not being talked please watch and spread the word.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Hush, little blogger, don't say a word,
It's best you become part of the mindless herd.
And if you feel the need for a political rant,
Mama's going to recommend you keep it scant.
And if you continue to question authority,
DHS will consider your unlawful captivity.
And if this warning won't keep you mum,
Government's going to classify you a terrorist scum.
And if you still think your speech is free,
Try selling 9-11 as a conspiracy.
Your NSA file will have an "enemy combatant" stamp,
And soon you'll be heading off to a detention camp.
So if you know what's good for you,
Keep your posts in check and your attitude too.
Now shut your mouth and watch Fox News,
Enjoy your IQ drop and let it be your muse.

Monday, October 02, 2006


Me: So what's wrong with you now? You haven't posted anything for days.

Myself: I am lost in the fog of indifference and knee-deep in the swamp of apathy.

I: Liar! You're residing comfortably in the town of Procrastination-ville, in the State of utter laziness. It's time you returned back to Reality city and started posting your drivel. Your fans are waiting.

Myself: Hah! Both are on vacation, and won't be coming back anytime soon.

Me: But there's so much to write about. You realize that the Bush and company are in serious trouble because the Supreme Court ruled that the Geneva Convention applied to Al Qaeda and Taliban detainees.

Myself: Yes, but the Neocon minions passed this bill through the House faster than passing water in the Washing Closet, to cover Bush's ass so he cannot be prosecuted under the War Crimes Act. And soon this bill will be approved by Congress so there's no point in me ranting about it.

I: What a lame excuse, you daft git!

Me: Alright then, how about writing about the Torture Bill? That's chockfull of juicy tidbits.

I: Like what?

Myself: Well, I realize that there are several angles to confront that topic. First, this bill proposes to criminalize any challenge to its legality by the Supreme Court or any other court for that matter. In fact, the Attorney General Gonzales has already threatened some federal judges on the issue of torture by promising to have their testicles removed in case they grow balls.

Then, there's definition of torture that is so vague that it allows the current administration the authority to torture anyone (including children) by classifying them as 'Enemy Combatants', although mainstream media might have you think otherwise. And once they are classified as enemy combatants, they can of course then be thrown into a military prison without a right to a fair trial. How wonderfully freedom loving and democratic is that for the United States?

Me: So why aren't you ranting about that?

Myself: I thought I just did.

I: Oh, piss off! That wasn't a rant, that was more like a comatose diatribe without the requisite expletives.

Myself: Whatever!

Me: So what about writing about the 9-11 conspiracy theorists?

Myself: Well, Bush's National Strategy For Combating Terrorism classifies conspiracy theorists as 'terrorist recruiters', which naturally qualifies the conspiracy lot (also known as the 9-11 Truth movement) as enemy combatants and therefore are ripe for a good bit of torturing from the Bush Administration.

I: Is that why you are so chicken shit scared about writing about the conspiracy theories?

Myself: Did you even read my last post? … Plonker!

Me: Hey! How about commenting about Musharraf's new book? You know acting Head of State revealing state and personal secrets, that is so perfectly set-up for satire.

Myself: I know but that isn't really that surprising, is it? I mean, if you saw your popularity waning fast and a bleak future, and then someone offered you a million dollars to write a memoir and build yourself a future career on the lecture circuit, what would you do?

I: Sell yourself?

Me: I didn't say that! … for the record.

Myself: Actually, I am more interested in Colin Powell's new book in which he says Bush fired him after re-election. But then again, that isn't that surprising either because Colin is known to possess something between his ears, and I am not talking about his nose.

Me: So what about the writing about this guy being arrested on American Airlines flight for being a suspect bomber?

Myself: Yes, that was a right laugh, considering he was a famous, Jewish architect and was considered dangerous because of his possession of a tan! (I am not making this up). How ironic, that I predicted the same in one of my earlier posts.

Me: So are you planning to write anything for your blog?

Myself: I might if I can be financially motivated.

I: Well, here's a quarter, buy yourself a clue, you lazy twit!