Wednesday, June 28, 2006


In 1948, an estimated 700,000 Palestinian men, women and children had a choice of either being expelled from their home or being killed. The Israeli government chooses not to allow these refugees or their descendents to return home.

Out of 9,599 Palestinians who chose to be involuntarily imprisoned by Israel, 342 happened to be juvenile.

125 Palestinian students chose to be killed by the Israeli forces on the way to school.

There have been at least 65 UN resolutions against Israel thus far. The US has chosen to veto nearly all of them.

Palestinians chose to have 4,170 of their homes demolished by Israeli forces since the launch of the Al-aqsa intifada in September, 2000.

Rachie Corrie chose to be bulldozed to death by an Israeli soldier, while she was attempting to stop the demolition of a Palestinian home.

Israel chose to build 60+ new (Jewish-only) settlements on confiscated Palestinian land between the period of March, 2001 and July, 2003.

Out of the 30,122 Palestinians injured by IDF attacks, 2500+ chose to be permanently disabled.

In 2004, the three major US networks chose to demonstrate their fairness and accuracy in reporting Israeli and Palestinian deaths (in the Evening News):

ABC: Israeli deaths = 157%, Palestinian deaths = 39%
CBS: Isreali deaths = 105%, Palestinian deaths = 28%
NBC: Israelid deaths = 154%, Palestinian deaths = 35%

The Associated Press chose to erase the video of the Israeli soldier shooting a Palestinian boy.

Tom Hurndall chose to get shot in the back of his head by an Israeli IDF sniper, while he was trying to protect Palestinian children from Israeli gunfire.

Israel chose to build its so called 'Security Fence' (Apartheid Wall) to confiscate 55% of the West Bank for Israel.

IDF soldiers choose to target practice by shooting Palestinian children in the eye. So far they have managed to successfully target 159 Palestinian kids.

The nation that constantly reminds us of the horrific crimes committed by the Nazis, has a government and a military that continues to commit the same type of crimes. The irony is so thick you can cut it with a meat cleaver.

I choose not to continue writing this post any further because I am too bloody pissed off and emotional to carry on.

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This is the Source to validate the facts mentioned above.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Super Bush is a non-fictional superhero, in the Neocomic Universe, created by the members of the PNAC, he has become the world's most infamous, enduring yet comical superheroes.

Rather unlike Phoenix rising from the ashes, Super Bush emerged more like a putrid stench emerging from the sewers of New York after the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center. Although believed to be originally from another planet, it was later discovered that Super Bush actually makes his home on ranch in Texas. Despite this fact, most people still believe he is from another planet, as he seems completely out of touch with reality.

The origin of his super powers, reside with his handlers in all the prominent government departments including the Congress. From warrant-less wiretaps, collecting telephone records, holding alleged terror suspects without legal protection, and tracking millions of financial records of Americans, Super Bush's powers seem to be growing by leaps and bounds every single day.

Super Bush uses all these powers to protect Americans from the dreaded evil-doers…or so we are told. The ubiquitous arch-enemy of Super Bush, is the evil organization: Al Qaeda Corp, headed by the wicked Lex Ossama Bin Luthor. Although Lex Ossama is rarely seen in public or ever caught by Super Bush, he manages to release audio or video tapes at regular intervals to scare the pants of the general public, and cause leakage in Super Bush's wonder pants with excitement, as Super Bush is able to grab even more powers to control the American populace as a result.

Super Bush's most annoying and fiercest opponents are the civil liberties organizations. They seem to think that he is the biggest eradicator of human rights, since the Mighty Hitler of Deutschland with his silly little mustache. Human Rights group wonder if Super Bush's end will be similar to that of Herr Adolf, the bastard.

Super Bush's greatest ally in his fight against humanity is the mainstream media collectively known as the Daily Plankton. They are responsible for shoveling the super sh*t that spews from the mouth of Super Bush and bringing it directly to the homes of the general public.

As of now, there seems to be no end to the growing powers of Super Bush. With each terror threat (real or imagined) his powers grow ten fold. Majority of the public seems to be fine with it. "Oh, help yourself, have some more of our rights, we don't need 'em!" they seem to say. What they fail to realize is that the Super Bush's biggest enemy is not Lex Ossama but the people themselves.

"What is that? ... Is it a bird?... Is it a plane?" No! it is another one of your rights being swallowed and pissed down the toilet by Super Bush, so wake the F**k up!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I am not very keen about posting my personal rants about non-political issues on this site, but I am breaking the rule with this post because I am holding a gun to my head in order to ensure that this issue is addressed (that is how strongly I feel about it).

Re-blogging which I define as the copying and pasting of other peoples, opinions, news, stories, images, laundry list, etc. on one's own blog as a new post. This dreadful habit started out as a slight sniffle on a few blogs, turned very quickly into an influenza attack, and is now spreading through the blogosphere like an unstoppable pandemic. I am sure most of you must have noticed. Then why didn't you say anything?

This appalling blogger malady is an addiction. Some of the bloggers are weak enough that if they re-blog once, they continue (at an unhealthy frequency) to repeat this idiotic mistake again and again because they think that highlighting someone else's minutia is likely to entertain their own blog audience. Here's a clue: IT DOESN'T! (…majority of the time).

There's nothing wrong with occasional re-blog posts that highlight matters of interest (from the internet) that can be considered important, entertaining or even personal. But re-blogging trivial tripe 3 to 4 times a day on your blog is absolute madness. It only exhibits that you are severely lacking in original thought and that your last remaining brain cells are servicing the right click COPY and PASTE option of your mouse.

This re-blog annoyance would not matter if the original content (from another site) was accompanied with a personal opinion on the subject. That very rarely happens. What is rampant is either a full plagiaristic rip off without a single comment or link to the source, or the pasted content is accompanied by a genius analytical commentary such as "Here, look at this!"

Just to clarify my point, re-blogging is NOT syndicated content on a blog or a news site that highlights commentary on global, political or personal issues worthy of interest. Re-blogging is the bastard child of laziness and unoriginality on the internet today. Unless we start commenting and criticizing it more prominently, the future of blogging will comprise majority posts like this:

January 3rd, 2008

Here, look at this!


January 3rd, 2008

"Grass". As posted by another blogger.


January 3rd, 2008

I posted this a few minutes ago.


Comment: From Mr. Original:

Hey, great post! I think I'll reblog it.


I think I'll put the gun down until then.

Friday, June 16, 2006


Me: Hey, I have an idea for an article. Why don't I comment about the new head Office of Global Anti-Semitism?

Me2: Are you nuts?! Not with your kind of sarcastic drivel!

Me: But why?! I really want to!

Me2: No way, think of another topic to write about.

Me: Alright then, how about Ernst Zundel?

Me2: What are you an idiot? Zundel's a holocaust revisionist!

Me: I know, and apparently he admired Hitler as well, but I am just curious to research and write about why he says what he says.

Me2: You're dying for an ass kicking aren't you? Choose another topic!

Me: David Irving?

Me2: He is a holocaust denier! Don't you dare!

Me: Alright then, how about I write about the Israeli government's recent move regarding…

Me2: Stop right there! Just be aware that any strong criticism against Israeli leaders is considered Anti-Semitic by the Office of Global Anti-Semitism.

Me: Well, that's not fair, is it? Alright, how about the undeniable Jewish influence on the mainstream media in the US and Europe?

Me2: That claim is categorized as Anti-Semitism of the highest order.

Me: Bugger! What about the Jewish slant of Hollywood?

Me2: Sorry, that is considered Anti-Semitism as well.

Me: Jewish lobbies controlling the Congress and Whitehouse?

Me2: Now, you are just trying to piss me off! You know the answer: Anti-Semitism.

Me: So basically, I can't talk about Israel, Israeli nationals, Israeli government, Israeli foreign policy, Israeli threat?

Me2: Of course you can! You can't just say anything negative because then it could be classified as Anti-Semitism.

Me: Surely, I can write about the IDF and Mossad?

Me2: Not with your opinions you cannot!'ll land yourself in a whole heap of trouble.

Me: How about Jewish people, Jewish culture, Jewish religion?

Me2: Has to be all positive or else it could be considered as you-know-what.

Me: So what the heck should I write about that would be considered PRO-SEMITE and won't piss off the office of Global Anti-Semitism.

Me2: How about something inane? the recent DVD you saw.

Me: Passion of the Christ.

Me2: No way! Write about music.

Me: Madonna?

Me2: Careful! She is devout follower of some of the teachings of the Kabbalah, so better not discuss her.

Me: I thought she was Catholic?

Me2: It doesn't matter you idiot! She is rich enough to follow any religion she pleases.

Me: I know I'll write about the movie E.T. and …

Me2: Brilliant!

Me:…how much I hated it.

Me2: Hang on, no! That is dangerous territory.

Me: Oh, come on! Criticizing the film ET or Steven Spielberg's direction of it, is not Anti-Semitism!

Me2: Well it is bound to become eventually, so best avoid it.

Me: Well then, I have no other topic left other than to write about definition of Semite, which includes people of Near East and Northern Africa, including Arabs and..

Me2: Don't even go there!

Monday, June 12, 2006


I was asked by the Opinions Editor of Gulf News, to provide a brief comment on what Bloggers have to say regarding the death of Abu Musab Al-zarqawi. Below is my reply, which incidently made the front page of today's Gulf News accompanying a breaking story questioning the circumstances of Al-zarqawi's death. Unfortunately, there's no online link to my comments on the Gulf News site, so you will have just have to take my word for it that it appeared on the front page OR buy yourself a copy of today's Gulf News. Following is my opinion piece in full, which was further edited due to space constraints (or so I assume) on the front page of GN.

Bloggers Doubt Veracity of official Version

The Blogging world is a buzz again with the recent news of the death of Abu Mussab Al-zarqawi. As is the norm in the blogging community, the official version of any prominent event has to be scrutinized for validity and truth. As a result, a lot of questions have cropped regarding the official version of Al-zarqawi's demise.

According to CNN website, “Al-Zarqawi was alive when US troops reached the mortally wounded terrorist leader after a US bombing raid. Now, although none of the bloggers are mourning the death of Al Zarqawi (at least none of the sane ones), some have highlighted interesting questions regarding the official story of the bombing raid. Two, 500-pound bombs were dropped on a concrete hideout which as a result was blown to smithereens, and all that was left in the end was brick rubble, yet Al Zarqawi, who was mortally wounded, remained in a single piece and got carried away on a stretcher before he died. How did he manage that? Could it be for the possibility of a morbid PR press photo of his dead face and celebration of a US precision bombing campaign? Logically, shouldn’t his body have been in pieces after that kind of bombing, and his skin burnt off? Could it be that Al-Zarqawi was killed elsewhere and then claimed as dead due to this bombing raid? The official version of the death of one child (in this incident) has now been revised to include three other women. Now, a new element of the story unfolds that says that women's (sexy) lingerie was also discovered in the rubble. Is this being done to embarrass the Muslims or just big-up the playboy image of Al-zarkawi?

Other bloggers have pointed out to older news reports that claimed Al-zarkawi died in 2003. There is also the question as to why this attack on Al-zarkawi hideout happened now, is it because President Bush's approval rating rests at an all time low (near his IQ level)?

Are we being conditioned to accept the official version for a future terrorist attack on American soil? God forbid something like that does happen, the first reactions will probably be, "You see, Al Qaeda took revenge for killing Al-zarkawi!" Some bloggers are forced to be this cynical because of their experience of 9-11, where they discovered more holes in the official Whitehouse version of that event than a slice of Swiss cheese.

The point is, bloggers ask questions that may be conspiratorial, overtly obvious, logical, intelligent or even downright stupid. They do this because others are not willing to.

By The Olive Ream (a blogger)

Thursday, June 08, 2006


X: Psst! Did you see this story in the newspaper?

Y: Yes, I did. Another 'alleged' terrorist arrested attempting to blow-up a building.

X: Say, are you a Pakinisian?

Y: No I am not a Pakistani, but I am of Arab origin, if that's what you meant.

X: Don't it bother you that so many Moslems are dying in Iraq?

Y: Yes it does but it isn't just Iraq.

X: You must do something about it.

Y: Like what?

X: Take some action, buddy!

Y: I do protest by writing my opinions on a few websites and…

X: Nobody reads that! You must take action. You must retaliate against what is happening to you Moslems.

Y: Retaliate? You mean protest on the streets against the government?!

X: No, no! What good would that do? Plus, you could get arrested for doing that these days.

Y: So what are you suggesting?

X: You know, blow some stuff up…it'll get you the attention.

Y: Ah! I see, well…let me just say that you might have mistaken me for an escapee from the mental asylum but I assure you I am not. In fact, I will go further to suggest that you commit yourself in an institution.

X: Oh, c'mon! Do it! Do it for your Moslem brothers and sisters. Here, I've got details instructions on the 'How To' in these notes, in Arabic. I'll just stuff this in your bagpack.

Y: Piss off! … and stop sniffing diesel oil, it's killing your brain cells.

X: I've got these blue-prints for various prominent locations and I…

Y: Go sell crazy to someone else. In fact, let me direct you to the Department of Homeland Security. They desperately need loons like you to parade on television.

X: Well, how about some bags of fertilizer I have stored in my warehouse. I can give those to you and other household items to build your self some dangerous explosive and then you..

Y: I don’t need bags of fertilizer from you!! There's enough bullshit coming out of your mouth to fertilize most of Wyoming. Now, leave!

X: Listen brother. I've already have you assigned as a leader to our yet undisclosed organization. I've been following you for months, and by the way, the instructions, blue prints, 80 bags of fertilizer and 8 large thin crust pizzas are being delivered to your home as we speak.

Y: Who the hell are you?!

X: I am undercover officer of the Anti-Terror squad, and you my friend, are under arrest!

Y: WTF?! What for?!

X: For being the leader of an evil terror organization that was planning to attack prominent landmarks and we have the evidence to prove it, as it has just been delivered to your home.

Y: This is a bloody set-up!! I want to call my lawyer..

X: You don’t get a lawyer, remember? You are classified as 'enemy combatant'. Now do me a favor, just keep your mouth shut and don’t shave for the next few days because we've got the PR press photos planned for this bust for Tuesday and we need you looking evil and beardy.

Y: Sigh.

X: Don’t sulk. You'll be famous. You might even be qualified as so dangerous that DHS will shift the threat level up one category and that is something you can be really proud of.


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Sunday, June 04, 2006


Dear Amhadina, Ahamdinaj, Admaniha, President of Iran,

Thank you for your letter. Sorry about replying so late but I've been really busy with Rumey, Condi and Cheney planning an attack on your country.

I was advised by Condi not to reply to your letter but I thought otherwise as it would be the polite thing to do, plus I had some free time before Oprah comes on.

According to the brief I received regarding your letter (I did not read your actual letter – way too long!), you never mentioned that you'd give up your nuclear program. Did you forget to mention that?

See it is fairly simple, we (as in the US) are the super-power and you are a muslim country with a lot of oil and in very close prixomity, prexamity, promixity, nearness to the mother of all our allies, Israel. That pretty much qualifies you for a US attack already. But now that you are planning to continue with your nuclear program, you pretty much guaranteed an ass-kicking for yourself (know what I mean?). You say your nuclear program is mainly to provide a source of alternate energy but I know you are lying because Rumey told me so. We (as in the US and Israel) cannot allow you to aquire, equire, akuire, get nuclear weapons capability because Israel is the only country in the Middle East that should have nuclear weapons. Why?... I hear you ask. Well, that is what Jesus intended for the world. He said and I quote from the Bible (the new revised version provided to me by Cheney), "Thou must always follow the covenant brought forth by Moses as the 11th commandment – attack any country that threatens the people of Israel and ye shall be rewarded with large amounts of oil reserves as a bonus."

Now the five permanent members of the UN Security Council have offered you a lot of incentives to give up your nuclear program but you rejected them all, why? I mean I personally offered incentives on behalf of the US; free bikinis, beard trimmers, discount vouchers for all Block Busters video outlets, and one year free subscription to Playboy magazine but you accepted nothing! That's a damn shame, Ahmi.

As a result, you (as in your country) will now have to face consiquincess, quonsquensis, quincicuonces, penalties for your negative behavior. After Condi's done with her diplomatic song and dance for the world, we have some nice, new mini nukes to test out on your country. Mossad has been has been kind enough to provide a list of places for us to target. So best be prepared. I suggest hiding in one of your nuclear facilities. HAHA! just kidding…

Take care of yourself and hope to grill you soon.

Love and kisses,


Thursday, June 01, 2006


This year a coalition of human rights, civil liberties and faith organizations have declared June “Torture Awareness Month” and in support of the same (and as part of Bloggers Against Torture), I present:


-listening to Britney Spears

-watching Fox News

-being stuck between two fat blokes in economy seating on long distance flight

-being lectured on how to be a 'good Muslim' by certain individuals who are desperately seeking attention and in need of good (beard) grooming tips

-reality television

-listening to incessant lies by the Bush Administration about no credible proof of global warming or climate change when the frequency and scale of increasing global natural disasters are evidently clear

-listening to people define what is 'hip' and 'cool' in their opinion

-watching multi-millionaire celebrities inciting your sympathy for the impoverished in third world countries

-defining PNAC as a think tank. (It is just a tank).

-being stuck in traffic when you desperately need to get to a restroom because you have just gulped down 3 cans of coke while driving.

-watching people commit murder in the name of religion

-classifying Palestinian suicide bombers as terrorists while IDF soldiers shoot innocent Palestinian children in the head for nothing other than their sadistic pleasure

-trying to convince the general public that the War On Terror is legitimate

-watching majority of the mainstream media sell out to the Globalist agenda

-watching the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the name of Democracy and Freedom

-being force fed on the official version of 9-11

-experiencing the loss of your civil rights and freedoms in the name of your own protection and safety

-watching the funding and nurturing of 'freedom fighters' for a specific strategic aim, who are then later classified as 'terrorists' to serve another globalist aim.

-watching the majority exhibit apathy or remain silent on global events

-watching junior soldiers get prosecuted for beating, humiliating and murdering persons in detention while senior officers/generals and politicians who are actually responsible get away scot-free

-something you are responsible for even if you do it through proxy forces

-torture no matter what you call it, be it 'rendition' or any other bulls**t title

-unwarranted, inhuman, unjustified and UNACCEPTABLE under any condition

-something we should all speak out against

-reading this article (for some) but I couldn't be buggered.