Wednesday, January 04, 2006


It is 2006 A.D. A.D., according to my book of references, stands for 'Aedas Demento', (Latin for Age of Insanity), which is quite apt, as that is how the mischievous global elitists had envisioned are future to be. With the coincidental convenience of terrorism threatening primarily every G8 country, it is the responsibility of the only benevolent, freedom-loving, superpower to pre-emptively strike specific sovereign nations in order to spread a whole lot of peace and love in the world.

So what is in store for us for the coming year(s)? More of the same, I am happy to report. The naughtiness of a specific oil producing Middle Eastern nation will be addressed with due care and attention. Once freedom and democracy has been spread all across this country, with the possible use of tactical nuclear weapons, peace and harmony will prevail via strict enforcement of martial law or continuous foreign military presence.

Large media companies will continue to merge until one day only one enormous Zeppelin media entity exists which will own the broadcast rights to everything on this planet. News will be presented as a form of a highly entertaining Reality Television show with continuous coverage of only the military's view point of the successful War on Terror, with embedded journalists reporting live from the press room in the Pentagon.

As part of the continued War On Terror (WOT), citizens will be encouraged (by means of a friendly threat to their life and livelihood) to allow themselves to be spied on, not only by the global superpower but by their respective governments as well. This voluntary global spying network will ensure that the government(s) can foil any future terrorist ploys and thereby protect you from yourself by kicking you straight into your civil liberties. (Ouch!)

With further elimination or total disregard of environmental laws, lovely climate changes will continue to take affect through out the course of the coming year(s). World citizenry will be able to enjoy more flash floods, hurricanes, rising sea levels, volcano eruptions, earth quakes, snow storms and other extreme weather phenomena. A fun evening for all families, you'll agree. The depleting ozone layer will help facilitate a longer-lasting and a bronzy-er tan so people can maintain a year long George Hamilton appearance.

An added advantage of the natural disasters will be to influence the less spiritual. The apocalyptic signs of disasters around the world will convince the non religious to finally be scared into attending their respective places of worship (mosques, temples, synagogues, churches, and the representative branch offices of the Church of Scientology or L. Ron Hubbard's house, whichever is closest).

All these delightful world events will indisputably take place in our lifetime, which is why the Meek have decided to congregate for their first annual meeting this year. They need to formulate all their plans in time to inherit the earth (or whatever is left of the earth after the Neoconic Empire is done with it).


Blogger Zakintosh said...

What a Shock-and-Awe experience! Almost as funny as Dr Shahid Masoud's End of Time ... except that this scenario is likely to come true.

8:25 AM  
Blogger Shahid said...

Orwell would be proud of you Omer. Or shocked at just how his dystopian nightmare got shaped into something far worse by PNAC(kered) and described by you.

There is PNAC(kered) and then you are SNAC. Satirist against the New American Century.

1:49 AM  

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