Sunday, November 20, 2005


We are happy to announce the long-awaited, much anticipated Mad-rasa Curriculum (2006) for 'selected' Mad-rasas around the country. The Utterly Bored of Education have approved the following syllabus for the necessary indoctrination of future fanatics of our impoverished nation.

Program of Study

-How to misinterpret out-dated cultural norms as tenets of Islam - 101
-How to exploit women, children and your own faith for unrelenting avarice – 201
-How to memorize the verses of the Holy Quran while in iron shackles – freshman course
-Introduction to Beard Growth – 101
-Learning the meaning of the Holy Book (by pre-selected, authorized faculty members)
-The importance of Intolerance and Hatred towards the West (in contemporary times)
-The importance of Intolerance and Hatred towards the majority of your fellow citizens who disagree with your point of view
-Advanced Beard Growth - 201
-Fear and Fatal Beatings – the only approach to teaching the faith to the young
-Funding for Fanatics – Senior Class only
-Alteration of Pants, Trousers and Shalwars to ensure 'Above-Ankle' length style (extra credit)
-Martyrs r us: Self-Euthanasia and the murder of innocent people – Post Graduate course
-Propagation of the myth that all madrasas are alike
-Propagation and acceptance of the myth that the minority religious extremist views represent the true Islam (in accordance with Western government and Media guidelines)

It is indeed a privilege to have the distinguished faculty members return for yet another term of brainwashing. Please note members of our faculty still include ex- Mujahideen (yes, the same group supported and funded by the US who fought the Russians in Afghanistan, and then later came to be known as the Taliban and subsequently labeled as Al Qaeda supporters but we digress).

The Board of trustees guarantees the unlimited, covert and insidious support of the curriculum for the coming years. Donations will be accepted through all local and international branch offices in the UK. Wire transfers are welcome to our swiss bank account.
Account No.: OBL-911-BS