Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary has taken another giant step towards countering ‘real and significant terror threat’ (as opposed to unreal and insignificant terror threat) by issuing a definitive list of ‘unacceptable’ behaviours that he hopes will be followed by all non-UK citizens interested in being deported from the United Kingdom. Considering the fact that he spent a full two weeks, trying to come up with this list, ‘it is the least you can do’.

The list covers everyone anyone (except UK citizens) within the UK or abroad, i.e. the rest of the world population who use any medium (including distributing materials, preaching, running web sites, drawing pictures, miming, break-dancing, and lip synching) to express views that:

- foment, justify or glorify terrorist violence in furtherance of particular beliefs;
[no, this does not refer to the Invasion of Iraq and the murder of thousands of Iraqis to promote the fascist globalist agenda under false pretenses and then claim it as a success story]

- seek to provoke others to terrorist acts;
[no, this does not refer to leak of Abu Ghraib images/videos to incite insurgent violence to ensure the presence of foreign troops in Iraq]

- foment other serious criminal activity or seek to provoke others to serious criminal acts; or
[no, this does not refer to no-bid selection of Haliburton or the missing 9 billion dollars of Iraq oil revenues]

- foster hatred which might lead to inter-community violence in the UK
[ no, we are not refering to the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes]

So, now who wants to get deported, hmm?


Blogger Shahid said...

Awesome sir, miles better than my post!

6:02 PM  
Blogger Shahid said...

By the way, nice re-design! :-)

6:03 PM  
Blogger Siddhartha said...

I feel a little sliver of guilt to see yet another cabinet minister totally out of a depth with his job whose challenge he is clearly unequal to. The last one thrust up to public scrutiny was Geoff Hoon and now, we have the pleasure of seeing Charles Clarke sweating bullets and shitting bricks into the pants area of his ill-fitting suit. Its guilt I feel, but its sooooo delicious.

Someone should tell the poor man and his grinning task master (Tony B'stard) the only way of effectively removing the threat of terrosrism from this green and pleasant land is not by deporting mouthy Muslims to countries with horrific Human Rights records. The only way to remove the UK from terrorist bombs is to GET THE FUCK OUT OF IRAQ. In other words, to somehow reverse back to the happy days of pre-March 2003 when Blair unequivocally dragged a reluctant Britain into an illegal war.

7:58 PM  
Blogger jamarcus73keanu said...

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Blogger Shahid said...

Dear MangoWala Sahib,

Absolutely brilliant!

6:06 PM  

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