Saturday, June 04, 2005


Welcome to the Mullah Ruse. A burlesque cabaret for the new millennium, specifically designed, choreographed and produced by the global elitists, for the sordid pleasure of non-thinking, short-attention-spanned world audience.

In this show, the battle of Good vs. Evil is presented in spectacular song and dance routines, but with a primary aim of demonizing Islam and its followers. With a superb lineup of performers ranging from the fanatical religious lunatics with beards (the Mullahs) to the fanatical religious lunatics without beards (the Neocons). The concept, you will agree, is rather novel.

Pre-production involved the precise selection and nurturing of Muslim religious extremists who have completely skewed perception of their own religion. These are men who suffer from total ignorance, severe inferiority complex and archaic cultural norms. They exploited their own religion (Islam) to gain power and importance within their society, and now present their most horrifying and misguided view of Islam to the rest of the world by performing twice nightly in this risqué floorshow. How ironic that the idiots who exploit their own religion, are now being exploited themselves in helping to demean Islam.

Majority of the moderate mullahs and Muslim scholars who represent the real Islam, were refused audition to this show by the producers.

The other group of religious nut-bar extremists, in this contemporary live 'staged' event, are the Neocons. They represent the forces of Good and our in a continuous battle with the Mullahs to spread justice and freedom in primarily oil producing, Muslim countries. It is not surprising though that the Neocon performers are also the producers of this show.

The intended purpose of the show is to educate (brainwash) the audience while providing them with raunchy entertainment of a chorus line of hairy legs and long flowing beards. The idea here is to leave the theatre in a constant fear of your life from evil mullahs whose names include either ‘Bin’ or ‘Abu’ in the title.

The show’s popularity has exceeded expectations and the producers are promising new acts for the coming months, with performers from both Iran and Syria. As always, the performances will be aired on BBC, CNN, Fox News and all other major networks.

For those wishing to see the show live in the theatre, the price of admission is your own life. For those viewing on television it will only cost you your soul.


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If you stage this, I will drag as many people as humanly possible to watch it.

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