Wednesday, May 04, 2005


W. H. Operator: Sorry to disturb you, Mr. President. But there is an urgent, person-to-person collect call for you from overseas. Will you accept the charges?

Bush: Who is it?

W. H. Operator: It’s Kim, sir.

Bush: Kim? …. Oh, yeah! She used to be a member of my cheerleading squad, back in my Yale days. Sure, I’ll accept the charges.

Kim: Herro?

Bush: Kim darlin’, how the heck are ya?

Kim: Bush, it’s me. Kim Jong il.

Bush: ill? Why, what’s wrong? Your voice does sounds a bit weird.

Kim: No, you clazy foor! I am Kim Jong Il, Reader of the Democlatic Peopres Lepubric of Kolea.

Bush: What?! Had I known it was you, I would have never accepted the charges. You are the President of the Axis Of Evil club!

Kim: I’m not onry the plesident, but I’m arso a crient!

Bush: Cut the crap Kim! What’s the problem?

Kim: The plobrem is your Lice.

Bush: But Laura had me deloused just last week.

Kim: No you idiot, I mean Condarisa Lice!

Bush: Oh, Rice! What about her?

Kim: Why she thleatning Norf Kolea?

Bush: Why are you testing missiles? Isn’t that a threat to world peace?

Kim: That test was necessaly. We show you we can plotect flom any attack on Homerand.

Bush: Our intelligence tells us that you are preparing a nookular test site.

Kim: You have no interrigence, …you….you stupid! Haha!

Bush: Watch your mouth, Kim. You better not misunderestimate our strength. We have great resolve, and we will teach you a lesson you won’t soon forget.

Kim: What resson? I folget arleady!

Bush: If you don’t watch yourself, we will…..we will…

Kim: You wirr what?

Bush: We will attack I-ran! We will hit them so hard, that you’ll feel it.

Kim: Yeah light! You chicken. You don’t mess with Norf Kolea, because you know we leady fol you anytime, big boy!

Bush: Shut the heck up, four eyes! You and your stupid haircut can kiss my Texas ass! .... Jerk!

Kim: Plick!

Bush: Evil Do-er!

Kim: Asshore! (click).


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LOL. Awesome. Keep up the great work.

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