Sunday, May 08, 2005


MAASTRICHT, Netherlands

Considered to be this year’s best live act, Bush – The Freedom Tour, is pulling in large number of audiences all across Europe. His latest stop was at the venue in Netherlands. Thousands of adoring fans had lined up for hours, in the pouring rain, to buy the tickets to see this special performance. Needless to say, Bush did not disappoint. The crowds were left screaming, and cheering, as he belted out hits after hits from his latest album, Freedom - you know you want it!

The impressive 90-minute performance from this five-octave vocal range superstar was his best live performance yet. Accompanying Bush were his immensely talented Neocon Band members, with Rumsfeld on drums, Rice on bass, Cheney on lead guitar and band lyricist Wolfowitz playing the tambourines. The band rocked the venue, with hits like:

- Democracy this and freedom that
- Evil-doers but I certainly don’t
- Where’s Ossama bin lately?
- After I-raq and I-ran to you
- Kim Jung il but I’m doing fine

The crowd could not get enough of Bush & the Neocons, so the band returned for an encore, performing an extended cover version of Public Enemy’s classic hit, ‘911 is a joke in yo town’.

Bush’s next stop is Moscow, where he is scheduled to perform on Monday’s Red Square victory celebration.

Concert rating: ***1/2


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