Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Of all my siblings, I love my big brother the most. Even though I have never really met him, I feel really close to him. My parents tell me he has always been around, keeping a watchful eye over me. I am happy to say our relationship has really grown over the past five years.

He is very protective of me, which is understandable considering the very difficult times we live in. He has made me aware that there are people out there who hate me because of my freedom and are willing to go to great lengths to harm me because of it. Come to think of it, I have never really ever met these people but big BRO says that they wear strange headgear, have long beards and speak in a strange and an unfamiliar language.

He promised me that he is doing all he can to protect me, and I trust him. He goes out of his way to keep me safe, like watching me 24 hours a day. He does feel though that a lot more can be done to protect my freedom. And to that end, he has suggested a few changes in my life. He says from now on, he will tap my phone, check all my emails and maintain all my medical and financial records. This is to ensure that this personal information is not being tracked by my enemies. He has also suggested that I get an iris-scan done, get a RFID chip implanted in my right shoulder and get tagged with a GPS ankle bracelet. These things will help in identifying me in large crowds and aid in tracking me down at any time, so that I can be kept safe from harm.

He said although an attack on me is entirely imminent, I should not let that fact concern me too much. As long as freedom is being protected, the threat to life isn’t that important.

I just wish everyone had a big brother like mine.


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