Saturday, April 16, 2005


Take the test, today and find out! Truthfully answer all questions listed below, and then calculate the results at the end test to find out if you can be part of this elite intellectual think tank of which Dan Quayle is a member. Don’t believe us? Check here:

Key to scoring your answers: Yes= 5 points, No= 0 points.

1. Are you ethnocentric?
2. Are you racist?
3. Are you self-righteous?
4. Are you paranoid and delusional?
5. Do you believe in Hypocrisy as a positive trait?
6. Do you lack the ability of logical thinking?
7. Do you believe that it is stupid to think about the repercussions one's actions?
8. Do you believe that as an American, you are special?
9. Do you believe the ultra conservatives are the God’s chosen people?
10. Do you believe that US military budget should be tripled every year?
11. Do you believe in democratizing the sh*t of the Middle East and handing the whole region to Israel?
12. Do you believe in pre-emptive strikes on rogue states/America’s enemies?
13. Do you believe in pre-emptive strikes on America’s allies if you feel it will benefit the US?
14. Do you believe the US should build military bases in all countries of the world?
15. Do you believe the US should militarize space?
16. Do you believe Americans should give up most, if not all their rights, to win the war on terror?
17. Do you believe that the UN should confirm to reforms suggested by John Bolton?
18. Do you believe that the International Criminal Court should be abolished?
19. Do you believe all other countries except the US should abide by the Geneva Conventions?
20. Do you actually believe that current aims set out by the PNAC are realistic and should become a permanent part of the US constitution?


100-90: Welcome to the PNAC. You are member!
80-50: You can qualify to assist a PNAC member.
40-20: You are pathetic, and should be sentenced to watching Fox News for the rest of your life.
10-0: You are an enemy combatant and should be reported to the Department of Homeland Security.


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