Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I always thought Tony Blair was a bit thick, but I now admit that I was wrong in my initial assessment of him. He is more of malingering git, who cannot be bothered to come up with an original thought, even during the fag-end of his re-election campaign. But then again, it is foolish of me to expect him to show some semblance of sanity at this late stage in the game. Maybe he knows something that we don’t.

According to Tony, the attack on Iraq was legal and justified. Yes, well, it would be nice if you visited the planet Earth at least once Mr. Blair, then we’d send you (alone) on a month long vacation in Iraq, so you could actually find out what Iraqis really think of you and thought of your bloody war.

Maybe it is time for Blair to finally pull his tongue out of the back of Bush’s trousers. We all knew George was not adequately furnished in the brain department, but to see Blair turn into such a GW sycophant, speaks volumes about his own intelligence, or lack thereof.

What’s worrying about this demonic duo is their total lack of acceptance of the fact that some of us do not believe their lies no matter how many times they repeat them. It is like watching the shopkeeper from the Python sketch trying to convince us that he hasn’t sold us a dead parrot. “..no, he’s not dead, he’s resting.” Yes, and your war on terror isn’t a joke and we all feel much safer now.

Actually, for most voters, domestic issues are more important than Iraq, which is why Blair seems so confident about winning an unprecedented third-term. It does not matter a jot that he blatantly lied and supported the attack on another country which resulted in the deaths of hundred thousand innocent people. At least he got rid of Saddam, right? A double ‘Phew!’ for that! I mean that nasty ‘evil-doer’ was a major threat to the world, with his massive stockpiles of WMDs and his disturbingly itchy fingers.

So, what can we all expect from Blair if he gets elected for another term? I think more of the same. GW is about to pick a fight with Iran, and most likely Syria, and Blair is already puckering up his lips to kiss the presidential ass to show loyal support for another war on terror. Huzzah!


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